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    I’ve been thinking a lot about FEAR recently. I never used to. There
    has always been so much HOPE on the horizon, that I never had time to be
    scared of anything. As you all know, we’ve been writing a new album for
    a pretty indefinite period of time. Thank you for your patience, I
    promise you it will be worth it. Some of these songs are really, really
    amazing. Its very different not having a deadline, or a tour on the
    horizon, that pressures you to into finishing an album by a certain
    date. There is something incredible and absolute terrifying about this.
    We’re free to spend all the time we need to give you guys the best album
    that we can, but thats pretty scary because it means we can’t fuck it
    up, haha. I never used to be a patient person. I wanted great, and I
    wanted it immediately. Its crazy being 25 now, considering we started
    this band at 17….there’s still so much to see, do, create, and conquer.
    Sometimes I get scared that I won’t accomplish everything i want. That
    my aspirations are insane and I’m setting myself up to be let down…..

    But the one thing I’ve learned is that fear is meant to be conquered
    and you have to storm that fucking castle anyway. You can’t have HOPE
    without a little bit of FEAR.

    These are some things I’m scared of:
    -Small spaces/claustrophobia
    -Mushrooms (the food kind or the poisonous kind, none for me please!)
    -Falling in love
    -Robert Durst (Possibly Fred Durst too)
    -Right Wing Conservatives
    -Not being the biggest band we can be.

    What are you scared of?


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    In exactly a week I am packing up and leaving my hometown and flying from New Zealand to California by myself. I plan to travel around America for two months and then I’m flying to London, England, hopefully with a British Passport so I can work there.

    I can easily say this is the scariest thing I’ve done in my life and I haven’t even left yet.

    Fear and hope go hand in hand on this trip. I hope that I’ll find a place in the UK where I’ll want to live and a I hope I find a job to go with it. I hope that I’ll do a lot of things that I want to do while I’m in America and visit lots of places that I’ve always wanted to go to and I my biggest hope is that maybe I’ll find my passion in life while I’m on this trip.

    I fear that I’ll run out of money, that I’ll get lonely, that the trip won’t live up to my expectations. I might not get a job, I might not find a place to live or I might just not want to live over there. My biggest fear is that I’ll come back to New Zealand with even less of a clue about what I want to do with my life.

    I’m twenty years old and I’m scared of a lot of things.
    -Small spaces
    -The dark
    -Getting my heart broken
    -Small talk

    Mostly I’m scared that I’m not living up to my potential, whatever that may be.

    – GAD 😉

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    i’ve never found myself terrified of small things, miraculously. it’s always been that big, looming darkness that’s messed with me and sadly, held me back. mostly i’m afraid of growing up, as well as losing touch with the person i was when i was a kid. or even the person i was a year ago. it’s insane how fast someone has to grow up based on their decisions and the outcomes of that. i’m scared of being scared of all that too, if that makes sense. in the end it just becomes this circle of anxiousness that’s never-ending.

    hopefully i can figure all that stuff out before people start realizing i’m a real human being with feelings and not a vicious bitch, huh?

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    I have a fun little story about fear.

    When I was a little kid, I was deathly afraid of doctors, hospitals, Illness, surgery, etc. I would cry and scream on the way to the doctors office, because I was terrified that something serious was wrong with me.

    Years later, I was diagnosed with lupus (an autoimmune disease where you body attacks itself), CVID (an immune deficiency that means you get sick extremely easily), and Chiari malformation (a defect in the cerebellum that can either be symptom free or extremely problematic). I was in an out of hospitals more than I could attend school. Doctors appointments were a normal thing for me. Currently, I’ve had almost twenty surgeries at the age of eighteen.
    Most recently, brain surgery.
    It’s kinda funny thinking back, that I was so deathly afraid of all of these things, and then it became my life. My reality. And I got used to it. Funny how life works.

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    I’m afraid of not doing well enough in college, not making my parents proud, not achieving all the goals I set out for myself, and missing out on opportunities because I’m more afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone.

    I’m 19 and I hve endless potential and I don’t want to screw that up.

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    Flying is my number one fear by far.

    It’s a major problem in my life because I love to travel, but have uncontrolable panic attacks and anxiety when I have to go anywhere. People always ask how I can be that terrified of flying and to explain why but I can’t. It’s so frustrating when someone looks down on you for something you can’t control. What makes it worse is that multiple family members have worked on planes for their whole life. I live with a pilot and a cabin service supervisor. I’ve helped them both study for yearly exams so it is not like I don’t know how planes work. The fear starts well before I have to get on a flight. I start to have dreams about flying weeks prior to actually having to get on a plane. I’ve tried drugs from the doctor which don’t work. I end up fighting against them and making it worse. I’ve been told to try hypnotism but that’s a scary task in itself. I don’t want anyone looking inside my head thank you very much. A goal of mine is to one day get over this fear. I still force myself to fly because I want to see the world. However, I have turned down trips in the past just because I’d rather not go through hell on an aeroplane.

    One day I’ll be able to get over this fear.

    *Fingers Crossed*

    I’m also afraid of:
    -Not living up to my potential
    -Not accomplishing my dreams
    -Losing family
    -Being lonely
    -Other people

    Thankyou for reading
    Sheddie :)

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    Since I can remember I have always been terrified of loud nosies. Not like loud music or things like that, but loud noises like balloons popping or thunder. It’s super lame but its something that has stuck with me forever. I never really thought things that weren’t tangible could scare me but with all the changes going on that come along with growing up have got me scared of everything. Here are a few:

    -Balloons (the latex ones that can pop easily, not the mylar ones)
    -Clowns because when I was little I saw a clown steal someones popcorn at the circus and continue to throw it at them. Plus, you can’t see their real face
    -Never knowing if what I’m doing is the right decision or if I’m just fucking up everything
    -Being known as annoying or overly emotional

    The last one is hands down my biggest fear. Never amounting to anything. Always just being another face in the crowd and floating by. I want to make something of my life. I want to be remembered. In high school I was basically invisible. Yeah, I had a few friends but to everyone else I was just another nerd in their english class. Granted, I went to a high school of 2500 people and graduating class of 576, so it was easy to get lost in the sea of people. I just know that after graduating, I never wanted to feel like that again. I don’t want to feel like I settled for my life. I want to be excited with the things I am doing and excited about the people I’m doing them with. Yes, I am aware that this is something that is already happening, but if there is something I can do to stop you best believe that I’m gonna do it. For now that means taking random trips to Disneyland and spending every night I can with the best friends anyone could ask for.

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    I have a fear of octopuses and escalators… but sorry to bother, how do you add a profile picture?

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    I moved February 11, 2015 to Daytona Beach, Florida. I flew down here from a small town in Wisconsin. Sometimes it seems as if FEAR is what my life is based around. I’m scared to death of picking up that first drug or drink of alcohol again. Addiction is going to kill me if I keep living in fear. But I almost can’t help it. I try to have this sense of hope, and remind myself everyday just one step at a time, and do the things I need to. I’m afraid I’m not doing enough. I’m afraid I’m going to fail, and I’ll just be another part of the death percentage that us addicts & alcoholics have. We’re just a number. We die everyday. We’re turned away because our disease wants us dead.

    On the other side of this, BE BRAVE. BE COURAGEOUS. We all have endless amounts of potential. We CAN be the success story.

    — Sierra Rae

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    I have fear, we all do. Some people experience it to different degrees than others, but nonetheless…Fear is still there. I fear many things, most of them involve being around people and social situations. (Hell, I’m even unsure of posting this, oh the irony.) The anxiety and panic that builds up at times can be so overwhelming, but the people that I surround myself with are a huge support system for me. I also fear losing people that are important to me: even if it’s moving to a different state, ignoring my existence, or even death. I do not want to lose anybody. The thing that is consistent and never fails in a given situation, for me, is music. It keeps me sane, it keeps me happy, and it keeps me alive. There is always something or someone that can help the fear..mine is music. So…I believe that we all just need to find our music and our song. What is your song?

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    Things I Fear:

    Making the wrong life choices (ex. is this really the major I want? is this really where I want to live? etc).
    Birds. I just really can’t handle them. They are nosey and quite rude if you really think about it.
    Being alone. Not just in general. I like spending time by myself and I do so a lot. I’m just afraid of being alone forever.
    Terrible series finales to great TV shows. I don’t want to talk about it.
    Death. And not necessarily me dying. But more the people I hold closely dying.
    Space. But, honestly, I’m equally as fascinated with the universe as I am afraid of it.

    There we go. That’ll do.


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    Growing up I’ve always been ambitious, headstrong, & stubborn when it comes to any idea I get in my head and I need to complete it. As I’ve gotten older my ideas have gotten more passionate and creative and I find myself being stuck because no one around me has that same passion or creativity even ambition for anything. So it drags out my biggest fears and leaves me depressed and angered. Which concludes my biggest fear is failure & not accomplishing all I want to. Not living my life to the fullest I can. Being alone the rest of my life because I can’t find someone to understand or even take the time to try to deal with me and try to understand and be supportive of my passions instead of sweeping them under a rug to talk about everyone else because they can’t understand.


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    Failure. That’s what I fear the most. I have dreams, dreams everyone tells me I’m capable of achieving because extraordinary. I’m scared that if I slip up once, everything is ruined. I’m scared of not being good enough. I’m scared of falling in love. I’m scared of growing up. I’m scared of being lonely…and of course basic things like spiders and clowns. Hopefully one day I can look back and say “I made it.” I’m scared of not being able to do that. XOXO. Tay<3

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    Well, I’m not scared of falling in love or broke my heart, but yeah I think I’m really really really scared of trust people, I don’t know why, I just can’t trust them even when I try I just can’t, looks like every time when I wanna tell to people how I feel, I just can’t speak, it’s a shit. I have fear of butterflies too, they aren’t beatifull, they fly on you. But my biggest fear ever is fail with myself, like you know the things that people use to tell to themselfs like “I never gonna be like my parents”? So I have fear of not fulfill these things. I’m scared of became like any other people in the world, I wanna be something, I wanna have stories to tell, I wanna a lot of things and I’m scared of won’t get it.
    I think the most of words I wrote here are wrong, but guys give me a time, I’m brazillian.

    – XOXO gossip girl, just kidding, Bia.

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    Things I fear the most:

    Letting my family down
    Falling in love
    Small spaces
    Forks(they are too pointy)
    Golf clubs (bad experiences)
    Not being the best me I can be

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    Hello, I (like many other people) am terrified of failure and oblivion. It makes my stomach drop just thinking of being forgotten and my memories and legacy being gone forever. It unsettles me so much to know that this most likely will happen one day. Im also scared of death, not the actual concept of dying because that seems very peaceful, but just that I’m not going to live my life to the fullest that i would like to. Hopefully later in life i will be capable to wrap my brain around the fact that everything is okay.


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