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    I recently stepped way out of my comfort zone and went on a speaking tour with my friend Meg Frampton of Meg & Dia. The main question I was asked before our Speak Up tour was “what will you speak about?”. To be honest, it didn’t go exactly the way I expected it would. It turned out to be even better than my expectations. I pretty much poured my heart and soul out to a bunch of strangers, which is basically what I am doing right now with this blog.

    I’m a 25-year-old musician that recently moved to Los Angeles and it has been a struggle to simply find my “happiness.” I’ve never felt more alone than I do living in this city, and I’ve never questioned myself more about my decision to move here. Long story short, at each Speak Up event I realized that every single person in attendance also faced the same struggles. Some were just graduating from college and trying to figure out their next step. Others had established their careers, but were still missing this “happiness” I speak of. As we shared our stories with each other around a camp fire, we began to feel a little less alone.

    I think in our society we feel this pressure to act like we have it “all figured out” all the time. But honestly, I don’t think we ever have it all really figured out, and that’s absolutely okay. At one point or another in our lives, we all feel lost, scared, and alone, but there’s comfort in knowing that you aren’t the ONLY one feeling this way. I’ve noticed that a lot of us keep our feelings to ourselves because we don’t want to let ourselves be vulnerable. I’m absolutely guilty of this as well, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to talk about these feelings.

    I’ll leave you with this statement that someone said to me at Speak Up: “Happiness isn’t a destination. Happiness isn’t permanent; it’s more like a compass helping point out the right direction.”

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    I find that so many people are afraid of using the world “alone” because the word in itself is scary and dark and it takes people to bad places. Sometimes, the feeling of being “alone” is when you look out at the people around you and everything in your head suddenly goes quieter, the light shines dimmer and you don’t feel like YOU. I guess I have grown accustomed to the feeling of being “alone” and am quite an expert at knowing what it feels like. There are times when I think about everything that means so much to me in my life and wonder what on earth I would be doing without them. The things that make you happy to be alive are the things that occupy the loneliness with me. There are nights when being alone is my only option because that’s the only thing that makes me really feel like me. But, no matter how therapeutic being alone can be sometimes, it doesn’t shy away from the fact that it causes people to put up barriers. People hide away from letting their personality shine because of what being alone and feeling lonely has done to them. That’s what is truly sad; seeing someone with a beautiful, glamorous, loud personality hiding away in the shadows because they have forgotten what it’s like to feel safe and loved and happy. Sometimes, that’s why people hope for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where they are ‘a little less alone.’

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    I couldn’t agree more to the fact that I don’t want to express my feelings because I don’t want to feel vulnerable. It’s also a struggle to find the right person to talk to about my feelings. About happiness, I believe that no one even in their twenties has life figured out. That’s why I’m still in the verge of finding myself and this so called happiness and I’m sure we’ll all find it in the right place and at the right time.

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    That is definitely relatable because sometimes, innocence and vulnerability can be exploited by others when all you really want is to be satisfied. I think that as you grow older and meet new people and share new experiences, you begin to grow into this wonderful person that is so much richer and wiser and happier – and that can happen when you’re 23 or 25 or 50. I feel like that’s the beauty of the unknown because sometimes doing what you thought would be “the worst thing ever” could just turn out to be the best time of your life. Yes, exactly, you’re so right. Just because you have found happiness, doesn’t mean that you can’t find it again in something else. It doesn’t mean that you have had “your share of happiness” – it just means that you have found exactly what makes you tick; something or someone or someplace that just makes you feel like home. And that’s happiness!

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